Privacy Policy

Dear visitors


This website is fully compliant to the new European Data Protection Laws. We do not track and there are no third party services integrated in this website except the webhotelier booking tool (see below). Cookies are only used for better user experience on our website. The Chelidonia webteam only runs statistics for pure technical reasons to identify errors, prevent malfunctions or defend against possible cyber attacks. The IP-adresses contained in these statistics will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever and are deleted every month. Your visit to website is secured by an encrypted https-connection. Our servers run Linux and are located in a high security data center in Germany.


Booking Data, E-Mail


The Chelidonia booking tool uses the infrastructure of, so please consult their privacy policy. is based in Cyprus and therefore also subject to European Data Protection laws. On our side your booking data are handled with ultimate discretion. We use these data only to be able to deliver and refine our services. These data are of course not being shared with any third party.


Additionally we will e-mail guests who have stayed at Chelidonia usually once a year to send seasons greetings and inform you about new Chelidonia offers. You may opt out of this service at any time, by simply sending an e-mail with the subject “unsubscribe” to This service is performed by the Chelidonia webteam, there are no third parties involved.


Chelidonia on Social Networks


Chelidonia entertains a presence on Facebook, but there are no Facebook services integrated in the Chelidonia website.


All Chelidonia privacy features listed above have been introduced years before the new European Data Protection Laws were enacted. We always have held customer privacy amongst the core values of our business.