We offer caldera view from all our villas.

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Camille Chin: For your big, fat Greek vacation
While Santorini is home to 14,000 people, 500,000 tourists call this island home for a few days every year. And why not? The Cyclades' southern-most island, Santorini is said to have the best sunsets, one-of-a-kind white-, red- and black-sand beaches as well as a large caldera, the result of one of the world's biggest volcanic eruptions. The volcano's last upsurge was in 1956, which devastated the village of Oia and buried what is now Chelidonia Villas. Excavated and restored in the early 1980s, Chelidonia's nine villas, better described as cave homes, opened to the public in 1986. The caves date back to the Middle Ages and each differs in size and structure depending on who built them. (...)
Jerry Portwood Blog
Jerry's travel blog starts in Athens, so his Oia diary comes after the first third of the text.

The following excerpt by the author Jerry Portwood describes the dangers to very nice guests coming to Chelidonia late in the year. There is less work and more wine around then, to put it simply. The following scene Jerry describes is set in the wine cellar of our friend Tassos, the plumber. The performers are mule drivers, farmers and other Oian locals.

"We enter and see tables strewn with food: spicy sprigs of arugula, whole, fried sardine-like fish and bowls of a green paste made with garlic and other herbs, loaves of bread. A gnarled, hairy man with a denim peasant cap gets up and begins to dance, snapping his fingers. I thought only Zorba the Greek did this. Then a barrel is opened and more wine is given all around. "YAMAS!" we all toast. And we see where they crush the grapes in the corner and learn how he makes his wine, not to sell, just to share with his friends. Then a man walks into the revelry with a dead rabbit and plops it in front of me on the table. No one flinches and the owner of the house and wine cellar begins to pet it. Patricio says, "I've never felt a dead rabbit," and he pets it. And then a box of pastries is opened up next to it and baklava and other nutty sweet confections are passed around. It's late and we're drunk and happy."
We offer Caldera View from all our villas.