We offer caldera view from all our villas.
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2008 Philip Hersh
Enjoying the sea views from a villa atop Santorini
Our villa proved a perfect blend of comfort and simplicity, neither posh nor lacking in any way. Its private terrace, sitting some 250 feet above the Aegean, provided the most breathtaking view - over the sea, Oia and nearly the entire west coast of the island
2003 Chris Hedges
A Shining Arc in the Aegean
Chris Hedges came over in 2003 to relax at Chelidonia after completing a book on his 15 years as a war field reporter to the New York Times
I loved the simplicity and intimacy of the Chelidonia villas, as well as the care taken by the owners over detail, despite their keeping a respectful distance.
We offer Caldera View from all our villas.